Implementation of ethical corporate management

In the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles”, the company clearly establishes the prevention of unethical conduct such as bribery and accepting bribes, offering or accepting improper benefits, offering or promising facilitation fees, offering illegal political donations, engaging in unfair competition, providing improper charitable donations or sponsorships, disclosing confidential information, and damaging the rights and interests of stakeholders. The company has taken preventive measures and conducted education and promotion to implement the ethical corporate management policy.


The company has stipulated the "Manufacturers Commitment" to request all suppliers to conduct transactions faithfully without any acts of bad faith, and to establish a good procurement system.


The company has established and follows effective accounting systems and internal control systems, and conducts reviews regularly so as to ensure that the design and enforcement of the systems continue to be effective. The company's internal audit unit shall regularly and irregularly review the status of the company's internal control systems compliance.


 Reporting Mailbox


The company has established a whistleblowing system and created an independent reporting mailbox for processing the whistleblowing procedures. The company has also established standard operating procedures for investigating reported cases and related confidentiality mechanism to ensure the confidentiality of investigation operations and audit documents of the reported cases.


Informers shall be protected. If the informer is an employee of the company, the company promises to protect the informer from improper dispositions for whistleblowing. The relevant personnel who processes the reported case shall strictly keep secret the identity of the informer and the contents of the report. The company shall impose internal penalties according to the seriousness of the circumstances on those in violation of the previous two provisions.