SYNLogistics emerged as an independent entity following its spin-off from Synnex Group in 2016, establishing itself as a leading management service platform provider within the 3C industry. We specialize in five key services: cloud warehousing, distribution, home services, technical support, and maintenance services. Based in Taiwan, SYNLogistics maintains a robust presence in regions including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. The company remains committed to expanding its operational footprint, strategically amplifying its management service platform across the Asia-Pacific territory.


SYNLogistics has established a robust presence within the Asia-Pacific market, establishing an extensive logistics network that spans over 70 logistics centers across the region. Leveraging this substantial operational scale, SYNLogistics has the ability to analyzed a vast of data which empowers us to offer highly tailored logistics solutions to our clients. By the customizing services, our customers are able to optimize their business operations, enhancing efficiency while concurrently reducing costs.


In recent years, SYNLogistics has been dedicated to enhancing solutions across the entire 3C supply chain, catering to the needs of customers from upstream to downstream. The company's focus has been on implementing the cloud warehousing model to address significant challenges within the supply chain. Cloud Warehousing primarily involves sharing logistics resources to generate benefits for all participants in this model. By adopting this approach, we aim to reduce physical transportation and minimize losses in logistics, which is not only enhancing operational efficiency and reduce costs of our customers, but also aligning with our sustainable practices in the ESG framework.