In the face of global political and economic changes, rapid technological progress, the adjustment of the division of labor in the industrial supply chain, and the challenges of environmental and climate change, SYNNEX Group ponders its own positioning, as a ICT and semiconductor distribution service provider, plays the role of an integrated service bridge between the vendors and dealers, and continues to provide better services and integrated solutions, so as to enhance the supply chain to be more efficient and low-carbon, and continuously optimizing the corporate governance mechanism and operational strength in response to the expectations of shareholders, employees and society. Implementing the corporate management principle of  "Earning trust is both an honor and a responsibility" is Synnex's unshakable commitment to sustainability issues.


As global warming will continue to threaten the environment, Synnex adheres to the concept of "Sustainable SYNNEX, Cherish the Earth", continues to integrate supply chain ecosystem partners, improves the efficiency of collaborative operation, reduces carbon emissions generated by supply chain operations, achieves the vision of "Co-existence, Co-prosperity, and Co-benefits", and pursues the sustainability of the enterprise and the environment.