As the subsidiary of Synnex Technology International Corporation, Synnex Hong Kong established in 1983 and is the leading distribution and services company of information and communications technology (ICT), consumer electronics and cloud services, with 40+ leading global brands that leverage Synnex's distribution.


In thirty years, Synnex has made remarkable achievements in following areas:




Synnex is the largest ICT consumer distribution company in Kong Kong and we are in No.1 market share position in all categories where we compete namely Smartphone, Tablet, Gaming & VR, Personal Computer, Peripherals and DIY PC Components respectively.




Synnex offers a wide range of products, services and solutions with latest ICT architecture to help our clients create value and success in today’s digital world. We provide professional sales, marketing and technical services including business and sales channel development, demand generation, technical presales consultation, aftersales solution deployment, maintenance and support services to fuel the growth of our partners.




Seizing the Cloud opportunity, Synnex has launched a series of world-class and innovative cloud services and solutions through Synnex Cloud Services Providers marketplace platform in 2017. The platform gives a whole new exciting experience for customers to purchase and manage their subscriptions and usage of IT services in a more efficient and flexible way. For more information on Synnex Cloud, pls visit


Operation and People


Our unique business process management and staff development approach is distinctly Synnex, inherited from Synnex Technology International Corporation, enable we lead the market in both business and talent management.






   2023 APAC Highest Loyalty Partner (HK Region)




   FY22 Best Performing Distributor – Revenue


   FY22 Top Performing Distributor As-a-Service


   The Leading Contribution Distributor

Asia Pacific Digital Power Business Excellent Commercial Market Development Award 2022

Asia Pacific Digital Power Business Outstanding Partner of the Year Asia Pacific Digital Power Business- Outstanding Capability Award 2022


   Top Consumer LMB Distributor Champion 2022

   Top ISG Distributor Champion

   Value-Added Distribution Partner


   Better Living Awards 2021 - DJI Mobile Stabilize

   Better Living Awards 2021 - DJI Camera Drone

   Better Living Awards 2021 - Fitbit




    HP FY21 Best Performing Distributor - Revenue


    Value-Added Distribution Partner

    FY2021 Lenovo Top Consumer LMB Distributor Champion

FY2020 Lenovo Best Performance of the Year SMB (Data Center Group)


FY2020 Hong Kong & Macau Huawei Leading Contribution Distributor

 Fortress Ltd

    Better Living Awards 2020 - DJI Mobile Stabilizer

    Better Living Awards 2020 - DJI Camera Drone


    FY21 Dell Technologies Authorized Distributor (Channel Partner)