Description of responsibilities

Board of Directors

Internal Audit Office: Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, governance, and achieve the performance and quality of the designated mission.

Audit Committee: Responsible for overseeing the effective implementation of the company's financial statements, compliance with related laws and regulations, internal control, and risk control.

Remuneration Committee: Responsible for the overall remuneration system and total bonuses review.

Software Development Center: Responsible for planning, integration, and maintenance of overall ERP system.

Information & Communication Network Center: Responsible for the procurement, management, and maintenance of computers and communication equipment.

Financing Control Center: Responsible for managing the Group's finances.

Group Accounting Center: Responsible for the financial, tax, and accounting affairs of the Group.

Property Operation Center: Responsible for planning and setup of the Group's logistics centers as well as property management.

Sustainability Committee: Responsible for the coordination and promotion of various sustainability matters.

Risk Management Team: Establishes the risk management system, management organization, and management categories and mechanisms of each risk management unit, and also carries out risk management.

Ethical Corporate Management Team: Responsible for the group's corporate governance, including ethical corporate management, anticorruption, anti-bribery, and compliance.


President Office

Business Planning & Management Div.: Responsible for overall business operation planning, management analysis, and process planning.

Logistics Planning & Management Div.: Responsible for overall logistics operation planning, management analysis, and process planning.

Risk & Management & Planning Div.: Responsible for the overall accounting and legal system development, planning, and management.

Finance Planning & Management Div.: Responsible for overall financial analysis, planning, and management.

Human Resources Planning & Management Div.: Responsible for development, planning, and training of overall human resources.

Technical Service Planning & Management Div.: Responsible for planning of overall technical service and operation.

Business Administration Management Div.: Responsible for the overall product purchase, sales, and inventory operating procedure planning and strategy formulation.

Overseas Business Management Div.: Responsible for planning, support, and management of overseas affairs.

Product Planning Unit: Responsible for formulation and implementation of products' operational strategies.

Product Management Unit: Responsible for planning and implementation of products' purchase, sales, and inventory strategies.

Sales Unit: Responsible for product sales.

Field Application Unit: Responsible for pre-sale services for product R&D and technology application support.

Technical Service Unit: Responsible for technical support service before and after the sale.

Logistics Business Unit: Responsible for operational implementation of warehousing, distribution, and post-sales maintenance services.

Back Office Operation Account management: Responsible for accounts receivable management and credit collection processing.



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