Clean technology promotes and develops

As a high-tech industry distribution service provider, Synnex is not directly involved in the product manufacturing and production process, but as a member of the value chain, Synnex actively works with supply chain partners to develop various clean technology projects to assist the industry in promoting related applications and technologies with low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions.


In recent years, by combining the resources of Intel and Microsoft IoT solution aggregators, Synnex has promoted “Clean technology application solutions" to various industrial application fields, including “Smart City", “Smart Factory", “Smart Retail", "Smart Education", “Cloud Platform Services" and "AIOT"; the service network has covered eight major markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. So far in 2020, 1,249 successful cases have been deployed, which have been highly recognized by customers and the market.


After years of layout and development of the IoT ecosystem, as the industry's demands for "high efficiency and low energy consumption," "connectivity, scalability, compatibility," and "cloud computing and edge computing" continue to grow, SYNNEX actively shoulders corporate social responsibility from the perspective of market demand, not limited to the role of aggregator services, and actively leads industry partners to establish end-to-end cleantech solutions and work together to build a sustainable and co-prosperity ecosystem.



Chemical Management   

Although SYNNEX is not directly involved in the manufacturing process, SYNNEX is committed to ensuring that its suppliers' products comply with international environmental protection standards or disclose information on hazardous substances in the management of chemicals and hazardous substances, so as to fulfill its responsibility of being friendly to the earth. 100% of the top 20 key suppliers have declared on their official websites or sustainability reports that their products comply with international environmental protection regulations, or disclose information on hazardous substances.  


As early as 2014, Synnex recruited full-time green product management personnel to take the initiative to pay attention to the management of hazardous substances in the components it represents, check whether it complies with various international environmental protection standards from the source of component products, and simultaneously establish a database of operating procedures and environmental protection documents to strengthen the effective communication between the detailed operation of green products and the supply chain. It also shares the relevant knowledge of international environmental protection regulations on the official website of the Semiconductor Division for the reference of information demanders in the value chain, so as to enhance the environmental awareness of green products. As a member of the value chain, SYNNEX actively participates in the protection of the global environment, and the following actions are carried out by dedicated personnel: