Core Values 


【SYNNEX's Ideal】


The attitude in which we conduct business is based on the belief that people are kind and trustworthy; be creative and productive; eager to participate, and willing to manage oneself effectively with clear goals.


We hope everyone in the company to care and dedicate themselves to impeccable service and operational excellence. Here, everyone respects each other and loves the company and its goals.


We want to create a stable and secure environment where employees can pursue their lifelong careers. At the same time, we also hope to create a positive and needy Synnex culture where everyone has the opportunity to pursue self-expression and growth.


Our employees must have a clear understanding of the company's ideals, values and business philosophy. Because we believe that as long as they understand and agree with the company's goals, employees will do their jobs well. Excellent service is one of the main goals we require employees to identify with. We also believe that only when employees truly understand the job they are involved in will they break through the bottlenecks in their work and solve problems.


We pursue appropriate profits to support the growth of the company ; provide employees with a good working environment and opportunities for lifelong development; meet shareholders' expectations, help suppliers expand market share, and provide customers with excellent services. We believe that our stakeholders (employees, shareholders, vendors and customers) unanimously expect us to excel in service standards, organizational operations, and long-term operational performance.


【SYNNEX's Business Philosophy 】


1.We strive to provide exceptional service to our customers

Synnex will pursue profitable business opportunities with excellent service and invest in a sufficient number of potential markets to build substantial scale. We have insight into the needs of our customers; develop relevant service features and measure our performance through standardization of service execution quality and customer satisfaction. We hope to provide customers with value-added benefits with excellent services and gain the long-term trust of customers.


2. The management of Synnex is customer-centric

We will be guided by strategy, focus on analysis, and perseverance to build excellent service performance. We must innovate to build a solid competitive advantage and share the benefits of economies of scale with our customers through high market presence. At the same time, we must regularly and accurately measure the performance of our competitors to serve as a reference for the entire company.


3. Only an outstanding team can achieve exceptional goals

We know that only when employees understand and agree with the company's business philosophy, values and corporate culture, and cooperate with a high-level and professional management team, can the company's goals be achieved.


Our manpower planning is based on the belief that employees are eager to work hard and pursue high standards of achievement. We will help our employees reach their potential and motivate them to strive for excellence, and achieve the goal of serving customers through their participation in the implementation of the company's philosophy of service excellence.


We also believe that creating a highly secure and stimulating environment where employees feel, participate and share in the benefits of the company is the best way to motivate employees to fully dedicate themselves to the company's goals.


【SYNNEX's Core Values】


1. It is our responsibility to balance the rights and interests of our employees and shareholders. We will handle each other's rights and interests in good faith and fairness.


2. We focus on establishing a good corporate culture and environment, and provide employees with the opportunity to fully develop their personal potential within the organizational norms of the company's business philosophy and strategy.


3. We are committed to the principle of integrity and the highest business ethics, and do not provide incentives to influence the behavior of others contrary to the interests of employers or the company, nor will we allow our employees to accept such incentives.


4. We believe that it is our obligation and mission to contribute to the society or industry we work in.


5. We are convinced that winning trust is both honor and responsibility; accepting criticism is wisdom and courage.