Employee diversity and equality

In our pursuit, we aim to establish a diverse and inclusive environment where the principles of friendliness, inclusivity, and equality seamlessly integrate into the daily work lives of each team member. Simultaneously, we conduct regular assessments of employee demographics, examining factors such as age distribution and gender ratios to ensure an appropriate and balanced workforce composition.


Talent Recruitment and Promotion


We create an inclusive environment by selecting and promoting people regardless of gender, culture, nationality or other factors unrelated to work ability.


Gender Equality


In 2022, female employees at the managerial level and above accounted for 41%, while female employees at the assistant manager level and above constituted 48%, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to and emphasis on gender equality.


Friendliness and inclusiveness


We assist employees with a friendly and inclusive attitude in providing them with different needs at different stages of life. For those who need to take care of their children by themselves, we provide a friendly baby-sitting environment. Through appropriate work arrangements, we are able to meet employees’ short-term family care needs for them to work without any concern. For those who need medical care or recuperation, we provide options of unpaid leave for medical treatment, so that they can receive proper treatment and do not have to worry about their employment rights.


Team Building


SYNNEX recognizes that much of the discrimination and misunderstanding often comes from a lack of understanding between people. We actively organize various team building activities, including family days, sports events, travels, fun activities, etc. Through non-work interactions, we can increase common topics and interaction among colleagues and indirectly eliminate stereotypes and prejudices.


Human Rights Management

Human Rights


We prohibit discrimination and protect employees’ legitimate rights by supporting and complying with the management policies stipulated in compliance with the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “International Bill of Human Rights”, “Global Compact”, and “Labor Standards Act. We hope to create a positive, need-oriented culture where each individual has the opportunity to pursue development and growth, without unfair treatment due to personal positions and conditions other than work ability.


We create a friendly environment, require ourselves to meet the objectives and safeguards of protecting work rights, banning employment discrimination, providing a safe and secure working environment, ensuring the minimum notice period for major operational changes complies with the labor laws, and unforced labor. Also, we establish a smooth employee grievance mechanism. Complaints received are investigated and responded to in a confidential manner to ensure the rights and interests of employees.


Human rights assessment


Protect work rights

As of December 31, 2022, we have a total of 1,267 employees. Among them 1,227 employees are permanent, accounting for more than 97%. We did not hire any dispatched workers. All employees are provided with all of the rights and interests as specified by the regulations from their first day at Synnex to ensure their employment rights.


Anti-employment discrimination We hire employees and arrange promotions based on work ability, without any discrimination or unfair treatment based on race, class, language, thought, religion, political party, place of birth, gender, appearance, facial features, sexual orientation, age, marital status, mental and physical disability, zodiac sign, blood type, or union membership.


Provide a secure work environment To provide employees with a secure work and service environment, we have stipulated a plan to prevent illegal infringements while performing duties to identify and evaluate possible hazardous risks and take preventive measures to avoid physical, mental, or verbal threats and attacks from internal and external personnel when employees are working. We have established measures of prevention, complaint, and punishment of sexual harassment in the workplace, and have set up a Complaints Evaluation Committee to handle sexual harassment complaints and ensure that the work environment for our employees is safe.


Minimum notice period for major operational changes complies with the labor laws Our minimum notice period for major operational changes complies with the Labor Standards Act. We give prior notice before terminating a labor contract. The minimum notice period depends on the employee’s seniority.


No compulsory labor We establish labor-employer relations with our personnel based on mutual respect and trust and are in compliance with the laws and regulations to ensure that there will be no violations of forced labor, slavery, or human trafficking, or illegal employment of child labor.


Labor Relations

Through diverse and effective communication channels and mechanisms, SYNNEX fosters a positive and harmonious labor-management relationship continuously.

No significant labor dispute or loss has occurred in 2022.


Communication channels Description
Employer-employee meetings For smooth communication between employee and employer, and to establish consensus, employer-employee meetings are regularly held every quarter to discuss labor-related rights and interests to promote harmonious employee and employer relations. Employees account for more than 50% of the participants in the employer-employee meetings to protect their rights.
Employee Welfare Committee meetings Employee Welfare Committee meetings are held every quarter to discuss relevant welfare measures and the arrangement of activities to promote the well-being of our employees and enhance organizational loyalty.
Chat sessions/seminars Chat sessions with supervisors are regularly held for cross-departmental communication in a relaxed manner to promote mutual consensus and facilitate affairs. New employee workshops are held to help new employees understand and dispel doubts so that they can fit well with the company’s culture and values.
Information and announcements We regularly use email and physical bulletin boards to notify employees of systems, concepts, welfare activities, and information about company operations to ensure they understand and agree with the company's philosophy, activities, and development direction. 


Education and Training

SYNNEX firmly believes, "Great employees make great departments, and great departments build great companies." We initiate new employee education and training on their first day, providing specialized training programs tailored to each role.


In addition to face-to-face physical courses, SYNNEX has set up a knowledge management system for employees to learn independently online, without the limitation of hardware environment so as to arrange courses flexibly. We also assist employees in improving their career development through internal education and training, monthly reports, and project sharing for many years.


Employee Welfare

In addition to solid training mechanisms and smooth promotion channels, Synnex attaches great importance to providing employees with sufficient security and a work environment where they can feel at ease, and encourages employees to commit to creating an "intelligent and balanced work lifestyle". As a result, employees will not need to worry about their health, economic situation, and family care when they are off work.


Benefits and Compensation

We provide competitive wages and overall compensation that reflects the level of individual contribution to award proactive, hardworking employees with greater rewards so that compensation matches performance.


Social insurance
Enrollment in labor insurance for full salary, labor retirement pension contribution, and enrollment in National Health Insurance as required by the law.


Retirement system
We handle retirement matters in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act. The company has formed the Employee Pension Reserve Committee. The new pension system has been implemented in accordance with the Labor Pension Act since July 2005. For the new employees and the existing employees who choose to apply the new pension system, the company pays 6% of their monthly salaries to their personal pension accounts with the Bureau of Labor Insurance.


Employee group insurance
The company enrolls all permanent employees in group insurance. All employees have life insurance coverage of at least NT$3 million, providing 3-5 years of economic security to their families.


Employee Care

Interest free loans

Employees that have served at the company for at least one full year are eligible for interest free loans for house purchase, house repair, marriage, childbirth, car purchase, and emergency relief, to reduce the financial burden of employees who are dealing with major life events.
1,300 employees applied for loans since the establishment of this benefit and the total amount loaned is more than NT$400 million.


Company Benefits
The company cares for employees by providing cash gifts or gift certificates for marriage, funeral, hospitalization, childbirth, and birthday.


Leave system

1. Emphasizing the creation of an "intelligent and balanced work lifestyle" to encourage colleagues to "take adequate vacations". In addition to the annual leave required by law

2. New employees that have been on board for less than one year are eligible for leave better than the standards specified in the Labor Standards Act


Prental leave
We provide employees with a friendly flexible parental leave environment. According to the statistics in 2022, among the female employees who are eligible for parental leave, over 60% (also a number of male colleagues had applied for parental leave) had applied for parental leave right after maternity leave. This has helped reduce the conflict between work and family care for female employees, so that female colleagues do not have to cut their careers short due to the need for short-term family care!


Parental leave, and reinstatement and retention rates

Item No. of male No. of female Total
Number of employees eligible for parental leave in 2022 (A) 54 37 91
Number of employees who took parental leave in 2022 (B) 4 25 29
Expected total number of reinstated employees in 2022 (C) 3 17 20
Actual total number of employees reinstated during the reporting period in 2022 (D) 2 11 13
Actual total number of employees reinstated during the reporting period in 2021 (E) 1 10 11
Total number of employees still on the job 12 months after returning from taking parental leave in 2021 (F) 1 9 10
Parental leave application rate (B/A) 7% 68% 32%
Reinstatement rate (D/C) 67% 65% 65%
Retention rate (F/E) 100% 90% 91%


1. Male: took paternity leave in 2020-2022 Female: took maternity leave in 2020-2022

2. Reinstatement rate: Actual number of employees still on the job 12 months after returning from taking parental leave/Actual reinstatement after taking parental leave (during the previous year)

3. Retention rate: Employees still on the job 12 months after returning from taking parental leave (during the previous year)/Actual reinstatement after taking parental leave (during the previous year)