Sustainable Brand

SYNNEX's company name stands for "Synergy" and "Nexus”, positioning the company as a bridge in the high-tech supply chain. The company's distribution services range from upstream semiconductor to mid- and downstream ICT products distribution, as well as from commercial and consumer electronics to cloud services markets. With the growth of the high-tech industry, SYNNEX has been able to recognize the development trends of the industry and the evolution of the supply chain ecosystem, timely adjusting its strategic positioning. The company continues to strive for innovation in its business model and a leading role in operational technologies.


In the past five years, Synnex has actively promoted "Management Service Platform (MSP)", combined with the ESG concept of "Sustainable Synnex, Cherish the Earth", actively innovated the business model of marketing channels, continued to invest in digital transformation and optimized business operation efficiency, and integrated vendors, customers and third parties through digital connections to provide the value of more efficient supply chain operation services, reduce the carbon emissions generated by supply chain operations, and pursue low-carbon operation and corporate sustainability.


In 2023, Synnex won the "Best Taiwan Global Brands" for 21 consecutive years, with a brand value of US$426 million, making it the only high-tech channel service company to rank among the best. Synnex will adhere to the business strategy of " Stability.Sustainability.Growth ", keep pace with the times, move forward steadily, and move towards a sustainable brand.