Talent Development

SYNNEX President Commitment to Knowledge Sharing and Educational Contributions

SYNNEX President, Evans S.W. Tu, champions the belief that "sharing knowledge is a way to give back." He has shared management insights widely, garnering praise from professionals. In 2022, he republished " The Secret of My Career – Training of Deep Thought" ,and donated the books to enhance the workplace awareness of college students, enhance their career competitiveness, and spare no effort to cultivate talents. Moreover, the royalties from his book series, surpassing NT$3 million, are wholly dedicated to education, culture, and the arts.


SYNNEX and National Chiao Tung University Collaborate to Launch Global Enterprise Operations Practical Course

To cultivate talents in global business management, the SYNNEX Foundation collaborates with National Chiao Tung University to jointly plan various courses on global business management. In addition to participating in the EMBA program "Global Economic Perspectives" designed for senior executives, an experimental course titled "Practical Topics in Global Enterprise Operations" is offered to MBA students at the School of Management. This course integrates theoretical aspects of global management with practical management in various functions, enhancing MBA students' practical understanding of global management and nurturing more talents in global international management.


SYNNEX Foundation sponsors the completion of the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Building at National Chiao Tung University

To support the research and development of Bio ICT (Biomedical Information and Communication Technology), the SYNNEX Foundation sponsors the construction of the "Forward-looking Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Building (Xianqi Hall)" at National Chiao Tung University. During the inauguration ceremony, SYNNEX's President, Evans S.W. Tu, representing the SYNNEX Foundation, used the metaphor "giant branches sprouting anew" to describe the fusion of "Information and Communication Technology" and "Biomedical" fields. He expressed the hope that Electronic Biomedicine, as an innovative interdisciplinary technology, can follow in the footsteps of Taiwan's outstanding achievements in the global information and communication technology industry, acting as a "giant branch" and becoming the next international star industry in Taiwan.


Logistics centers provide industry-academia exchange and education and training

The logistics centers located in Linkou and Taichung use the most advanced warehouse management and smart logistics systems. In recent years, these centers have been receiving visits from industry and academia. Visiting units include NCTU, NCCU, CUHK, and the National Central Library, as well as industry exchanges.


Social Care

Synnex Blood Drive • Donate Happiness

To alleviate blood shortage and help those in need, SYNNEX have held blood donation activities for several years.


In 2023, SYNNEX held blood donation activities, collecting a total of 84 bags of blood.


Jointly Fighting against the Pandemic in the Pursuit of Sustainability with Love 


SYNNEX has long been concerned about the medical and social welfare in rural areas. In 2022, due to the resurgence of the pandemic, SYNNEX noticed that Tungchi Public Welfare has been providing the disabled elderly and the physically and mentally challenged with home services and home care for a long period of time. As there was a large demand for masks, we donated 8,000 medical masks to Tungchi Public Welfare to ensure the health of the caregivers and the cared.



Gathering and Enjoying Food Together


To care for underprivileged families and prevent children from hunger, SYNNEX and Synergy Intelligent Logistics responded to the "Andrew Food Bank Project." They initiated a charity food collection activity, collecting a total of approximately 900 items, including rice, noodles, canned meat, seasoning packs, milk, and instant cereal/oats. These supplies were donated through the ANDREW Charity Association to support the healthy development of children and adolescents under 15 years old from disadvantaged families. This initiative aims to assist the recipients in achieving overall well-being.


Supporting Remote Areas for Sustainable Love: SYNNEX Employees Collects Nearly 40,000 Invoices


In 2020, the economic development and livelihood demands were significantly impacted by the pandemic. This, in turn, affected the donation income of charitable organizations. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, motivated by the wish for "a full moon and reunions," SYNNEX initiated a donation campaign by collecting employee invoices. The response from the entire group was enthusiastic, and within a short span of 4 days, nearly 40,000 invoices were gathered. The donations were directed towards "Tungchi Public Welfare," a charitable organization dedicated to medical care and social welfare in remote areas of Taiwan.