《Y.S. Award》Grants Over Two Million in Prizes to Encourage Youth Innovation

The 《Y.S. Award》, organized by the Y.S. Educational Foundation and co-organized by the Synnex Foundation and other units, was held the final competition recently, and nearly 700 groups of college students competed. After half a year of evaluation, the three awards were announced, and a total of more than 2 million of competition prizes were awarded. In order to actively encourage college students to combine theoretical and practical needs and cultivate innovative application habits, SYNNEX Group President Evans S. W. Tu, attended the awards ceremony and presented the "Digital Application Award", which was won by the "Intelligent System for Muscle Mass Measurement and Evaluation" jointly developed by the Department of Healthcare Administration and Medical Information of Kaohsiung Medical University and the Department of Information Management of Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. 


The《Y.S. Award》 provides a stage for young students to practice their creativity and express themselves, and has been recognized by various sectors such as information technology, industrial design and video art. Over the years, it has cultivated more than 30,000 new talents to join various industries, injecting new ideas into enterprises. 


Synnex Foundation Sponsors the 《Building Taiwan as an Island of Soft Power(打造台灣軟實力之島)》Promotion Plan

Synnex Foundation has long been concerned about the promotion of culture and education, and has always adhered to the concept of sharing knowledge and experience as a way for us to give back to the society. 


Recently, in response to the promotion plan of the book 《Building Taiwan as an Island of Soft Power(打造台灣軟實力之島)》,written by Professor Charles Kao, the founder of Commonwealth Publishing, Synnex Foundation donated books to the libraries of colleges and universities to cultivate talents. Kee Ong, CEO of Synnex Group, attended the promotion ceremony, Synnex Foundation hopes to drive positive change through the sharing of ideas and collective efforts towards improvement! 


SYNNEX President Commitment to Knowledge Sharing and Educational Contributions

SYNNEX President, Evans S.W. Tu, champions the belief that "sharing knowledge is a way to give back." He has shared management insights widely, garnering praise from professionals. In 2022, he republished " The Secret of My Career – Training of Deep Thought" ,and donated the books to enhance the workplace awareness of college students, enhance their career competitiveness, and spare no effort to cultivate talents. Moreover, the royalties from his book series, surpassing NT$3 million, are wholly dedicated to education, culture, and the arts.


SYNNEX Foundation sponsors the completion of the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Building at National Chiao Tung University

To support the research and development of Bio ICT (Biomedical Information and Communication Technology), the SYNNEX Foundation sponsors the construction of the "Forward-looking Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Building (Xianqi Hall)" at National Chiao Tung University. During the inauguration ceremony, SYNNEX's President, Evans S.W. Tu, representing the SYNNEX Foundation, used the metaphor "giant branches sprouting anew" to describe the fusion of "Information and Communication Technology" and "Biomedical" fields. He expressed the hope that Electronic Biomedicine, as an innovative interdisciplinary technology, can follow in the footsteps of Taiwan's outstanding achievements in the global information and communication technology industry, acting as a "giant branch" and becoming the next international star industry in Taiwan.


Logistics centers provide industry-academia exchange and education and training

The logistics centers located in Linkou and Taichung use the most advanced warehouse management and smart logistics systems. In recent years, these centers have been receiving visits from industry and academia. Visiting units include NCTU, NCCU, CUHK, and the National Central Library, as well as industry exchanges.


Synnex Blood Drive • Donate Happiness

To alleviate blood shortage and help those in need, SYNNEX have held blood donation activities for several years.


In 2023, SYNNEX held blood donation activities, collecting a total of 84 bags of blood.