As one of the leading IT solutions provider and trusted partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand, Synnex Australia operates as a division of Synnex Technology International Corporation.


Since establishing the Melbourne head office in 1997, Synnex Australia has grown steadily with offices in Perth, New Zealand and a fully automated warehouse in Sydney. Synnex Australia works with over 6,000 channel partners and is endorsed by more than 80 leading technology vendors to provide an extensive suite of end-to end IT and Cloud solutions that support the traditional and emerging markets.


Synnex Australia’s strategy is Channel first. They offer channel partners the advantages associated with its solid and diverse demand and supply chains. This means channel simplicity - stock availability, timely delivery, high responsiveness and short turnaround time for after sales services.


As the local landscape continues to evolve, Synnex Australia is evolving alongside, reinventing its value-add and extending its business solutions to drive long term channel growth and engagement.


Synnex Australia continues to stand out from the competition through a strong channel heritage, honed over decades of service to the local technology industry. With a combination of local experience and global expertise, this ensures the channel stays relevant and at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape.


Synnex Australia is led by an experienced team of executive directors and managers who are committed to providing insights and guidance to drive the company’s local and global business vision and strategy.


Synnex Australia has been widely recognised by the industry with awards like HP PC Distributor of the Year, HP Print Distribution Partner of the Year, Lenovo Distributor of the Year and more.





    Commercial Distributor of the Year 2023


    HP Print Distributor of the Year



    HP Print Distributor of the Year

    HP Distributor of the Year Total Print Greater Asia


    Asus Top Overall Distributor of the Year OP Business

    Asus Performance Partner of the Year

    Asus Commercial Distributor of the Year


    Distributor of the year



    2021 Huawei EBG Distributor of the Year


    2021 Lenovo ISG Distributor of the Year


    2021 HP Print Distributor of the Year


    2021 Acronis APJ Cloud Distributor of the Year