Synnex Telecom Business was established in 1990, and its product lines have developed from early fax machines and pagers to mobile phones, tablets, accessories and related peripheral accessories. In addition to hardware products, it has also actively expanded its recruitment business in recent years. Apart from continuously growing its phone number business, it has also actively introduced mobile insurance and other services to provide a more diverse range of products and services to the distribution channels. These channels include telecommunications system providers, communication retail stores, 3C retail chain and mass retail channels, e-commerce and enterprise users. After nearly 30 years of intensive development, the density of channel operations and the completeness of products are quite complete. Combined with the efficient computer system and logistics services of Synnex Group, we can provide customers with the highest quality product lines and integrated services.


As an Management Service Platform (MSP), Synnex provides customized services for different vendors, products, customers, and projects. Leveraging digital tools, we streamline the logistics, financial, commercial, information, and after-sales service processes required between vendors and end users. Through system integration, mobile apps, process automation, and other tools, we significantly enhance overall operational efficiency and service quality, ensuring that all partners receive high-quality services and competitiveness.


In response to the rapid changes in the market, the Telecom Business has also continued to expand business opportunities. It is not limited to "communications" products and actively introduces cross-border product lines such as smart homes, home health, and home entertainment. In addition to meeting more needs of customers, it also expand a more diversified channel structure and increase the flexibility and content of operations. Through the continuous expansion and innovation of service models and product lines, we will continue to improve our overall competitiveness and business foundation.





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