In 2015, the United Nations announced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to work with countries to address these issues. Synnex actively promotes relevant actions that are beneficial to the economic, social and environmental aspects, and echoes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and connects with the world through the implementation of corporate social responsibility.



Good Health and Well-being

Blood Donation Event

To alleviate blood shortage and help those in need, SYNNEX have held blood donation activities for several years .

Besides the enthusiastic participation of SYNNEX employees, it has garnered support from neighboring communities and businesses, successfully achieving the fundraising goals of the event.



Quality Education

Knowledge Sharing

▸ With the belief that "the sharing of knowledge and experience is our way to give back to the society", Evans S.W. Tu , President of Synnex, has shared his business management concepts with workplace workers through books, emails, Facebook and other channels over the years.

▸ In 2022, Mr. Tu published the book " The Secret of My Career – Training of Deep Thought" and donated the books to the libraries of colleges and universities to enhance the workplace awareness of college students, enhance their career competitiveness, and spare no effort to cultivate talents.

Logistics centers provide industry-academia exchange and education and training

▸ The logistics centers located in Linkou and Taichung use the most advanced warehouse management and smart logistics systems. These centers have been receiving visits from industry and academia. Visiting units include NCTU, NCCU, CUHK, and the National Central Library, as well as industry exchanges.



Gender Equality

▸ 41% of all manager positions at the manager level, 48% of positions above the assistant manager level (inclusive) were composed of female in 2022, emphasizing our ongoing commitment to gender equality. 

▸ According to the statistics in 2022, among the female employees who are eligible for parental leave, over 60% (also a number of male colleagues had applied for parental leave) had applied for parental leave right after maternity leave.



Decent Work and Economic Growth

▸ In 2022, the revenue was NT$424.6 billion, , setting a new record in history, and the net profit after tax reached NT$15.7 billion, exceeding the NT$10 billion mark for two consecutive years, and the earnings per share were NT$9.44, both hitting the second highest in history. Dividend of NT$3.5 per share.

▸ In the communication of labor-management relations, all colleagues have the opportunity to communicate with supervisors at all levels through regular labor-management meetings, welfare committee meetings, chats/seminars, etc., with a view to building consensus and promoting labor-management harmony.


SDG 10

Reduced Inequalities

▸ Employing employees with disabilities , providing job opportunities for disadvantaged groups.


SDG 11 

Sustainable Cities and Communities

▸ In order to beautify and green the city streets and improve the quality of life of the community environment, Synnex has adopted street trees around the headquarters building since 2012 to take care of the trees for the neighborhood and create a beautiful urban environment with green trees.


SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

Professional electronic waste recycling

▸ Recycling of Four-Waste Machines and Appliances: Total recycling of a record high of 7,989 units in 2022.

Recycling bins are used for shipments

▸ Recycle cartons for reuse in picking up and shipping, in 2022, 77,485 recycled cartons were used, accounting for 16% of repackaging shipments.


SDG 13

Climate Action

Energy-saving and sustainable projects

▸ Continuously optimize the system mechanism, improve energy efficiency and strengthen energy conservation management.

▸ In 2022, we actively obtained double ISO certification for the environment (ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO14064 greenhouse gas verification)

▸ Promote paperless, introduce electronic signing, electronic invoices, and digital operating... ,in 2022, more than 744,000 sheets of paper were saved.


SDG 16

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

▸ All employees are required to follow the "Work Rules" formulated and verified by the Labor Bureau, which stipulate the code of conduct for employees in service, labor laws and regulations, anti-discrimination, etc., as well as the punishment norms for employees who violate the rules.

▸ We require our employees and upstream and downstream partners to sign the "Integrity Pledge" in order to meet the integrity value standards of Synnex . A whistleblowing system has been formulated and an independent whistleblower mailbox has been established and procedures for receiving and handling whistleblowing.

▸ Risk management of financial issues is an important operational focus of Synnex, and we have risk analysis and management policies related to interest rates, exchange rates and inflation, which include various other risks related to Synnex's operations in addition to financial risks.

▸ Synnex abides by all laws and regulations, properly conducts risk management and control, and appoints legal personnel to provide legal education and training for employees, legal consultation and review of stakeholder contracts, so as to achieve the purpose of effectively implementing laws and regulations.


SDG 17 Partnerships For The Goals

▸ SYNNEX provides integrated services to supply chains of high-tech industries, and its business territory covers Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. SYNNEX has operations in 51 countries/ regions, throughout 300 cities.