Waste reduction

In terms of waste management, Synnex implements waste classification and resource recycling, promotes the use of environmentally friendly tableware and shopping bags to facilitate the concept of waste reduction among employees, and policies such as recycling and reuse of packaging materials to reduce waste.


Waste management in 2022:

• Office type: Mainly domestic waste, which is divided into general waste, and waste that should be recycled or reused (Category R) is announced.

• Logistics Center: Mainly product maintenance waste and auxiliary sales materials, which can be divided into general waste, general business waste, and announced recycling or reuse (Category R).

In 2022, the total amount of waste generated increased by 60 tonnes compared to 2021, of which 42 tonnes were recyclable (Category R):

• Reason analysis: The operation volume of the Logistics Center increased by 7.9% to 3.205 million

- The number of home services increased by 9.5%, the number of logistics boxes

increased by 7.7%, and the total amount of consumable packaging materials increased

• Processing: Appoint a clearance operator with a qualified removal permit to handle it legally


Various waste disposal methods (Unit: Tons)

Item Disposal method 2020 2021 2022
General waste Incineration 106 110 128
General industrial waste Recycle 11 10 10
Recycle or reuse (Class R) Recycle 19 20 62
Total 136 140 200


Professional electronic waste recycling

Recycling of Four-Waste Machines and Appliances: Total recycling of a record high of 7,989 units in 2022


SYNNEX has been cooperating with the Environmental Protection Administration's "Four-Waste Machines" recycling policy since 2013, and its subsidiaries SYNERGY INTELLIGENT LOGISTICS have assisted consumers in recycling old TVs, refrigerators and washing machines in their homes when installing new machines at home, fulfilling corporate social responsibility and sparing no effort to protect the environment:  


• Reduce the risk of environmental pollution: Ensure that waste appliances are properly recycled

• Improve resource efficiency and reduce carbon emissions: Make good use of reverse logistics to recycle Four-Waste Machines to save energy and reduce carbon emissions  

• Recycled materials create market economic value: According to EPD, the output value of waste machine recycling exceeded NT$1.9 billion in 2021. Promote resource recycling to comply with producer responsibility and sustainable material management, and further reduce waste and zero waste.