In order to provide employees with a smart, energy-saving and comfortable working environment, Synnex Group has successively renovated the offices of each operating base, and completed the renovation of the offices in Hsinchu and Taichung in 2023. The procurement of building materials and furniture for the office space of the new office is in cooperation with the manufacturers who have obtained ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management. The ceiling mineral wool board, gypsum board, paint, and furniture are all made of green building mark building materials, and have passed the GREENGUARD certification standard to ensure that the materials and substances used in the decoration process will not have harmful effects on the natural environment and human health.


The company is committed to allowing employees to work in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment, and considers energy conservation and carbon reduction with sustainable development. In terms of office environment, the company fully adopts LED energy-saving lighting equipment, replaces indoor air-conditioning fans to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption, reduces the power consumption of independent offices and reduces the consumption of air conditioning in cabinets and computer rooms, eliminates desktop computers, and promotes mobile office of laptops.


The corporate headquarters building in Nangang , which will be stationed in 2024 , the building itself will be a Gold-level EEWH Green Building certification , including a daylight-tracking automatic blinds system, an energy-efficient insulating glass curtain system, an intelligent elevator dispatch system, a PM2.5 detection mechanism, and an emergency power generation system using natural gas instead of fuel oil. In addition, all property services are also highly digital, pursuing a comfortable working environment for employees while achieving energy-saving and sustainability.