Friendly Environment 

Professional electronic waste recycling

•Recycling of Four-Waste Machines and Appliances: Total recycling of a record high of 6,144 units in 2021


        SYNNEX has been cooperating with the Environmental Protection Administration's "Four-Waste Machines" recycling policy since 2013 by helping consumers recycle old TVs, refrigerators, and washers (demand for recycling of home appliances) when installing home appliances. However, this is an additional service, not waste that is generated by SYNNEX’s operations.


        With the continued expansion of Synergy’s home services, the number of households served has reached 12% of the households in Taiwan. During the installation service reservation, we confirm with the customer about the recycling of old appliances. SYNNEX actively promotes recycling and professional disposal of obsolete appliances through the operations to enhance consumer awareness and to ensure proper disposal of large and old appliances, avoiding environmental hazards at the end of the product's life cycle and sparing no effort in environmental sustainability.



•Repair and maintenance and recycling of consumer electronic waste


        13 service centers of Synergy under SYNNEX had a total maintenance capacity of over 146,000 cases in 2021 (please refer to the Service Innovations section). Maintenance is not only a part of after-sales service, but also a way to extend the life of products, avoid overproduction and consumption, and the practice of environmental sustainability.


        There are recycling bins for obsolete or used cellphones, electronic products, and batteries at the service centers to facilitate recycling. Each quarter, the Company entrusts professional vendors to handle the recycling according to law. The service centers have established a standard recycling procedure to remind consumers to delete personal information so as to ensure personal data security.


The green energy project facilitated the reduction of greenhouse gases by approximately 10.3 tons of CO2e in 2021


SYNNEX has continued to invest in improving the energy efficiency of its headquarters and logistics centers for many years to reduce the load on the environment, and has established comprehensive energy-saving management and energy efficiency mechanisms in the most energy-intensive logistics centers. In terms of source management, we continue to implement electricity capacity contract, and regularly review the contracted usage and related improvement plans.


In addition, we have installed isolated air conditioners to reduce energy consumption in idle areas, carried out regular maintenance, replaced lighting with energy-saving LED bulbs, and improved equipment power factor, etc. Other electricity conservation measures include improving transportation procedures to reduce the idle time of equipment, shutting down less used air conditioning and raising the environmental temperature, and turning off lighting equipment in unmanned areas, etc.


Note: Carbon reduction is calculated based on the Carbon Footprint Information Platform of the Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan, with a carbon footprint of 4kg CO2e per pack of 500 sheets of A4 paper  (Carbon footprint of A4 paper is approximately 8g CO2e per sheet)