Synnex(2347TW) Rebounded Strongly: Fourth-Quarter Revenue Hits Second Record High, Surging 15% From Previous Quarter.

Benefiting from successful initiatives in acquiring new customers and exploring new markets, coupled with the prevailing trends in AI and green energy, Synnex recorded a December revenue of NT$41.3 billion. This marked the second-highest monthly figure in its history, reflecting a 4% year-on-year increase. Notably, cumulative revenue for the final quarter of the year set a record, surpassing the hundred-billion-dollar threshold and reaching NT$113.4 billion. This signifies a significant 15% growth compared to the third quarter and a 2% year-on-year increase.


All four major business sectors of Synnex excelled in the fourth quarter of the previous year, particularly the Semiconductor Business, which achieved a groundbreaking milestone by surpassing NT$40 billion in revenue for the first time. This set a record for a single quarter, with an impressive 22% year-on-year growth and a 17% quarterly increase. The success was primarily fueled by the continued onboarding of new customers to Synnex's MSP services, along with existing customers expanding their adoption of these services.


The IT Commercial Business thrived due to increased adoption of AI applications, reinforced cybersecurity measures, and accelerated acceptance of green energy. It achieved a historic high for a single quarter, reaching NT$34.1 billion -an impressive 28% growth compared to the third quarter. Various commercial products experienced substantial growth in the fourth quarter, with servers and storage systems each growing by over 70%, driven by the demand for AI servers and high-speed storage. Security-related products experienced over 20% growth, while green energy-related products grew by nearly 50%. Cloud/software services also experienced nearly a 30% growth.


The IT Consumer Business achieved a revenue of NT$34.0 billion, showcasing continuous growth for three consecutive quarters and a 5% quarterly increase. The highest growth was observed in smart devices/consumer electronics, tablets, and high-end display cards, while laptops/desktops experienced a slight decline. The Telecom Business achieved a fourth-quarter revenue of NT$5.0 billion, reaching a single-quarter record high in the past four years, with a 19% year-on-year increase and a 3% quarterly increase. This growth was mainly attributed to Indonesia, which saw a year-on-year increase nearly doubled, and Australia, which grew by nearly 40%.


Across the Asia-Pacific markets, Synnex demonstrated a consistent trend of sequential growth in nearly every quarter, reaching the highest level for the full year in the fourth quarter. Particularly noteworthy was Synnex's performance in Indonesia, surpassing the NT$10 billion mark in a single quarter in the fourth quarter of the previous year, setting a record with a 13% year-on-year increase and a 14% quarterly increase. Australia & New Zealand and China also showed strong performances, with Australia & New Zealand achieving a 33% quarterly increase and a 3% year-on-year increase, and China experiencing an 17% quarterly increase. Hong Kong saw a 3% quarterly increase, while Taiwan remained stable.