Exercising corporate governance

I.      The company's corporate social responsibility policy is promulgated in accordance with "Synnex values" and has formed part of corporate culture. The complete "Synnex's values" (enacted in 1988) is as follows:
  1. Maintaining the interests of employees and shareholders is our responsibility. We will handle each other’s interests based on honest and fair principles.
  2. We concentrate on establishing a good corporate culture so as to allow employees opportunities to realize their full potential within the company's business philosophy and organizational strategies.
  3. We are dedicated to the principles of integrity and highest business ethics, we do not provide incentive to others to violate the employer or the company's interests while do not allow our employees to receive the incentive.
  4. To us, contribute to the society or the industry is our obligation and mission.
  5. Our belief: win trust is an honor and responsibility; accept criticism with grace is seen as wisdom and courage
II. The company has education and training courses arranged for the new recruits on the day they report to work with the company’s business operation and philosophy advocated, including the concept of corporate social responsibility. Advocate positive viewpoint with a subtle effect through long-term internal education and training of Synnex EMBA articles and Synnex conceptual phrases.
III. The Company established the CSR Work Team in 2015 with the President designated as the convener. The promotion of corporate social responsibility is to be coordinated by the Human Resources Quality Management Department of the President's Office. Four work teams were formed on the subject with a competent director and employees of each department elected to fulfill the responsibilities. The CSR Work Team is responsible for coordinating, managing, and implementing the CSR policies and activities of Synnex; also, it is responsible for preparing and publishing the annual CSR report.

The company sets a reasonable remuneration policy with the considerations of external market, internal fairness, and reasonableness; also, based on the operational goals and individual performance. The annual gross income reflects individual contribution fairly and truthfully. The company had integrity and fairness disclosed in the company’s sense of value when the company was founded, protecting the interests of staff and shareholders, upholding the highest business ethics, and not infringing the company’s interests for any personal gains. Each employee commits to comply with the integrity rules with a contract and integrity commitment letter signed; also, the rewards and penalties system is set to clearly regulate the code of conduct.



Fostering a sustainable environment

I.      The company endeavors to utilize all resources more efficiently and uses renewable materials which have a low impact on the environment.
  1. Reuse of recycled packaging materials.
  2. Promote paperless operations, such as use electronic signature system to reduce paper consumption and reach the goal of energy conservation and carbon and greenhouse gas reduction. 
II. Though Synnex is a distributor of 3C products instead of highly polluted industry, but we devote to fulfill environmental responsibility based on the faith that earth is part of our life.
III. The Company engages in consumer electronics products channel sale that is not a high-polluting industry. The carbon dioxide emissions are mainly generated by the vehicles used by the operations center. The carbon dioxide emissions are calculated according to the vehicle mileage. A total of 1,417 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission was generated by vehicles in 2017. For the replacement of old vehicles, the vehicles that meet the fifth emission standard are used to reduce the impact of vehicles on environmental protection.



Preserve public welfare

I.      The Company treats employees with good faith, and protects employees legitimate rights based on Labor Standard Law, International Human Right Pact, and the management policies stipulated in accordance with the governing law and regulations; in addition, labor meetings are held regularly to open door for communication between employers and employees so as to establish understanding and promote harmony. Gender equality is respected in the Company, sexual harassment prevention rule has been scheduled, and provide job opportunities for disabilities to allow same career development as if they are normal people.
II. The company has a staff suggestion box setup to collect opinions from the employees that will be handled and replied by the designed personnel. 

The company values employee’s safety and mental and physical health, is dedicated to improving the working environment, enhancing employee’s safety and health awareness, and stipulating the relevant management mechanisms with the mode of operation illustrated as follows: 

  1. Work environment and employee safety protection
    (1) The company constructs a safe and healthy workplace, regularly maintains and improves equipment; office computer with low blue screen is selected to provide employees with comfortable, healthy, and friendly office equipment. 
    (2) The company’s workplaces are covered with the public liability insurance and the public safety equipment inspection of the building and firefighting plan is reported to the competent authorities lawfully. Moreover, the fire management personnel qualification license and certificate is acquired; the workplace firefighting plan is stipulated, and the workplaces firefighting equipment safety is maintained. 
    (3) Appoint safety and health personnel; also, arrange safety and health education and training. 
  2. Employee health enhancement
    (1) The company has full-time nurses appointed to provide employee with health counseling; also, to arrange health seminars with physicians invited to share health information with the employees, to provide proper health management knowledge, and to reinforce employee’s awareness of health.
    (2)Arrange regular free health checkup and the nurses are to provide necessary assistance in tracking any abnormality, provide excellent healthcare, and to safeguard employee’s health. 
IV. The Company holds regular labor meetings to provide channels of communication between employers and employees, build consensus, and promote harmonious labor relations; it also, communicates messages by e-mail occasionally. 
V.  The company firmly believes that: “Good employees make a good department; a good department makes a good company.” Plan professional job training and construct a knowledge management system for autodidacts since the new recruits reporting to work so the employees can continue to grow with their professional skills enhanced. In addition, schedule reports and integrate reading in each stage of the career development in order to help employees enhance career skills through the systematic practice.
VI. The Company is an agent and is mainly to serve consumers in accordance with the service specifications of the manufacturers and government laws and regulations. Synnex e-city website Customer Service Box and Service Hotline are provided to control, care for, and handle the interests of consumers and the satisfaction of post-sale service. 
VII. The company has the marketing and labeling of products and services handled in accordance with the commodity labeling law and the information, communications (3C) label standard and other requirements published by the Department of Commerce MOEA so that consumers can understand the products fully.
VIII. Regarding the implementation of environmental and corporate social responsibility, in addition to strengthening corporate self-management, in terms of selecting partners, the company’s focus is not on profits but in fulfilling corporate social responsibility as an important indicator for long-term cooperation. In evaluating vendors’ fulfilling their social responsibility, the company mainly evaluate the following items:
  1. Integrity management, clean transaction
    Link with the vendors and customers through our role as an agent to jointly create a harmonious and pure trading environment. In addition to honor the commitment to integrity, the company shall also comply with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and related laws and regulations as a law-biding and practical enterprise.
  2. Green environment, energy recycle
    Request the manufacturers and suppliers to comply with the requirements of EU environmental norms and national environmental laws and regulations; also, aim for a sustainable development and expand the overall green supply chain performance. 

Currently the agreement of having a contract terminated or cancelled while violating the “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy” is not signed by all the trade partners of the company; however, the company is now actively promoting it in order to achieve the goal of having the company and suppliers worked together to enhance corporate social responsibility.