Based on the highly efficient "Operational management system" and "Computerized logistic system", DBG Synnex provides both insight into market demands and value screening for downstream dealers, seamlessly transferring products and services that have development potential to markets and consumers.


DBG Synnex is divided into "IT department" and "Telecom department", and owns a diverse composition of customers including traditional shops, chain stores, system integrators, value-added resellers, enterprise users and online shopping.

From the aspect of product operations, DBG serves as a distributor of high-tech commodities and innovative services in various fields such as IT related products, telecom products, consumer electronics, mobile phone plan services, and other enrollment types of high-tech products and innovation services.


On the part of the IT department, Synnex is Taiwan's largest distributor of information products to sell computer systems, components, peripheral consumables and software network products, covering 75 brands and 6,300 items, and has also been ramping up its smart-home devices efforts in recent years.


IT department owns about 4,500 costumer dealers, widely cross between central business districts, virtual e-commerce, government agencies, traditional manufacturing, financial and medical services, small and medium-sized enterprises…etc. Since recent years, it has stepped into the emerging intelligence channels such as e-sports market, smart applications, drone measurement photography, and even cloud security, providing multi-brand agency strategies to dealers with complete and diverse application solutions.


With regard to the Telecom department, Synnex is the main distributor for mobile phones, tablet PCs, mobile phone plans, and peripheral accessories in Taiwan, and has approximately 2,000 dealers in the province. The business models cooperating with vendors include "National Distributor", "Fulfillment Distributor" and "Third-party logistics services". Whether it is the professionalism of operation or the service performance, Synnex has continuously been recognized by the famous international companies such as Apple and Samsung, as well as Taiwan's major telecommunications operators such as Chunghwa Telecom and Far EasTone Telecom, and has established a long-term and close cooperative relationship between the two parties.In order to respond to the future market, the Telecom department will continue to introduce new services and business models brought by new technologies, such as mobile payment and phone insurance, expanding the business scope and developing more comprehensive services.


With the world entering the era of 5G and IoT in 2020, integrations of information and mobile communications will become more frequent. DBG has nearly 30 years of operating experiences in three major industries of IT, telecom and digital appliances.From its long-term experiences, DBG Synnex will further integrate its advantages and the Group information in response to the fluctuation of future markets. In addition, Synnex will guide the transformation of dealers, strengthen their professional capabilities, and provide them with complete solutions based on the characteristics and differences from each industry. Through the equation of "High-efficiency x High-value = Maximum economic development", Synnex will go on to create a triple win for vendors, resellers, and consumers.




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