Synnex(2347TW) February revenue was NT$26.1 billion, down 1% YoY

Synnex's (2347) revenue in February was NT$26.1 billion, slight decrease of 1% compared with the same period last year, mainly due to the weakness of the IT Consumer. Affected by various unfavorable factors, the market atmosphere remains conservative, and the confidence in terminal consumption is still weak. The revenue of IT Consumer in February was NT$7.4 billion, a decrease of 27% YoY. The rest of the products showed a growth trend, with the IT Commercial and the Semiconductors both growing by more than 10%, and the Telecom even more significantly growing by 36%.


The first two months revenue accumulated to NT$ 54.1bn. Of which, IT Commercial sales revenue was NT$15.6bn, up 3% YoY and shared 29% of total revenue. IT Consumer sales revenue was NT$17.8bn, down 22% YoY and shared 33% of total revenue. Telecom sales revenue was NT$2.8bn, the same as the same period last year and shared 5% of total revenue. Semiconductors revenue was NT$17.9bn, down 7% from and shared 33% of total revenue.