Educational support

Academia and industry collaboration intern program

We provide internship opportunities that combine education, learning, and practice, so that college students can gain in-depth understanding of the workplace environment and industry ecosystem by participating in and experiencing the operations of a world-class company before entering the workplace. The internship also allows young students to better understand Synnex and cultivate the future talent pool of Synnex and the society.

Logistics centers provide industry-academia exchange and education and training

The logistics centers located in Linkou and Taichung use the most advanced warehouse management and smart logistics systems. In recent years, these centers have been receiving visits from industry and academia. Visiting units include NCTU, NCCU, CUHK, and the National Central Library, as well as industry exchanges.


Social care

Synnex Blood Drive • Donate Happiness

To alleviate blood shortage and help those in need, SYNNEX have held blood donation activities for several years .


In 2021, SYNNEX held blood donation activities, collecting a total of 92 bags of blood .


Visually impaired masseurs, providing more job opportunities for disadvantaged groups

Synnex partners with a massage group for the visually impaired and provides a dedicated office space for visually impaired masseurs. This way, Synnex employees can relax their mind and body through massages while they are busy, and at the same time, offer more job opportunities for visually impaired masseurs. 


Jointly Fighting against the Pandemic in the Pursuit of Sustainability with Love 


SYNNEX has long been concerned about the medical and social welfare in rural areas. In 2022, due to the resurgence of the pandemic, SYNNEX noticed that Tungchi Public Welfare has been providing the disabled elderly and the physically and mentally challenged with home services and home care for a long period of time. As there was a large demand for masks, we donated 8,000 medical masks to Tungchi Public Welfare to ensure the health of the caregivers and the cared.