Synnex(2347TW) 's July revenue hits record high, Accumulated revenue NT$237 billion YoY increase 10%

Synnex (2347) July revenue was NT$32.8 billion, YoY increase NT$1 billion or 3%, hit new high for corresponding period. The accumulated revenue for the first seven months was NT$237 billion, continue to overwrite the historical record with an annual increase of 10%.


The market demand of commercial segment was stable in July. Synnex Commercial Value-added Business was slightly increase compare to last year, hit new high for corresponding period. IC Component Business also hit new high and grew by 10%, because of continues to developing new customers. In consumer segment, although the purchasing confidence of end user was affected by inflation and other environmental factors, but due to Synnex aggressively strive for any business opportunity, Telecom Business increased by 7% year over year, while IT Consumer Business also maintains at peak season level as last year, only slightly fell 1%.


Revenue performance of the first seven months of this year, IT Consumer Business, Commercial Value-added Business and IC Component Business all hit a record high in corresponding period, with an annual increase of 5%, 15% and 14% respectively; the Telecom Business was flat with last year.