Environmentally friendly behavior

Green energy conservation projects

Synnex has continued to invest in improving the energy efficiency of its headquarters and logistics centers for many years to reduce the load on the environment, and has established comprehensive energy-saving management and energy efficiency mechanisms in the most energy-intensive logistics centers.



Recycle electronic waste

Synnex has recycling symbols and recycling bins setup for obsolete or used cellphones, electronic products, and batteries at the maintenance centers, and reminds consumers to delete their personal data before recycling for personal privacy protection. Each quarter, the company’s contractors handle the recycling according to law.


Furthermore, Synnex has been cooperating with the Environmental Protection Administration's "Four-Waste Machines" recycling policy since 2013 by helping consumers recycle old TVs, refrigerators, and washers when installing home appliances. However, this is an additional service, not waste that is generated by Synnex’s operations. According to statistics, 4,959units were recycled in 2020.


Reduce the impact of logistics and transportation on the environment

Logistics vehicles are Synnex’s main source of energy consumption and GHG emissions. Thus, while replacing used vehicles with new ones, vehicles in compliance with the environmental regulations of Taiwan are used to reduce air pollution throughout the product transportation process. Moreover, through the logistics management information system developed in-house, combined with our own distribution fleet and years of practical experience in distribution applied to dividing distribution routes, we reduced inefficient transport routes to improve distribution efficiency. When vehicles return to the factory to park or unload and load, the engines must be turned off and idling is prohibited to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.


In addition to the aforementioned environmentally friendly behavior to reduce environmental impact, Synnex also strictly abides by the central and local environmental protection regulations. There are no penalty records for violations of environmental protection regulations in 2020. Also, all of Synnex’s operating bases are not located in eco-system protected areas, so there is no risk of affecting ecological diversity.