Educational support

Synnex and NCTU join hands to hold global business operations courses

To cultivate global management talent, Synnex Foundation and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) planned a number of global management courses together. In addition to participating in the EMBA Global Economic Vision course for executive management, an experimental Global Business Operations course for MBA students of the Institute of Business and Management of NCTU is offered; the course combines the theory of global management and management practices of various functions to improve MBA students' practical knowledge of global management and cultivate global management talent.


A Day at Synnex, new challenges for students' future careers

Based on our belief that knowledge and experience sharing is our way of community feedback, Synnex Foundation held A Day at Synnex, a workplace experience summer camp, during summer vacation, hoping that college and university students who will be entering the workforce will take the opportunity to think and plan for the future, and enrich themselves while they are still students to meet the challenges of future career development with greater confidence and strength.


Academia and industry collaboration intern program

We provide internship opportunities that combine education, learning, and practice, so that outstanding college students can gain in-depth understanding of the workplace environment and industry ecosystem by participating in and experiencing the operations of a world-class company before entering the workplace. The internship also allows young students to better understand Synnex and cultivate the future talent pool of Synnex and the society.

In 2019, the Taipei headquarters and the north, central, and south smart logistics centers employed a total of 13 interns.


Smart logistics centers provide industry-academia exchange and education and training

The logistics centers located in Linkou and Taichung use the most advanced warehouse management and smart logistics systems. In recent years, these centers have been open for industry and academia visits and exchanges. Visiting units include NCTU, NCCU, CUHK, and the National Central Library, as well as industry exchanges.

In 2019, the total number of visitors of the smart logistics centers (including visits and education and training) reached 290.


Social care

Synnex Blood Drive • Donate Happiness

The Synnex Foundation and Synnex's Employee Welfare Committee jointly organized the “Synnex Blood Drive, Donate Happiness” event.


Visually impaired masseurs, providing more job opportunities for disadvantaged groups

Synnex partners with a massage group for the visually impaired and provides a dedicated office space for visually impaired masseurs. This way, Synnex employees can relax their mind and body through massages while they are busy, and at the same time, offer more job opportunities for visually impaired masseurs. In 2019, Synnex employees used the massage services offered by visually impaired masseurs a total of 2,011 times.


Charity run

Employees of Synnex's Kaohsiung branch responded to the RUN FOR FUTURE charity run. Proceeds from this event will be donated to the education savings account of the Ministry of Education to help students attend school.